April 24, 2016

OPI Soft Shades 2016 Collection

Are you ready for another OPI collection? This time, we are talking about the new Soft Shades collection with features 6 beautiful pastel nail lacquers!

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OPI Soft Shades 2016 Nail Lacquer Collection Review Photos Swatches

OPI Soft Shades Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection Review Photos

If you're like me and usually stay clear of pastel nail lacquers, you need to try this trick!

That being said, the only 3 shades (which are my favorites!! ♥) that really needed this special tip were This Cost Me a Mint, It's in the Clouds and Stop it I'm Blushing, the other colors were smooth and fully opaque with 3 thin coats.

Check out Colores de Carol if you prefer to see 'hand swatches'!

OPI Soft Shades 2016 Nail Lacquers Stop It I'm Blushing It's In The Clouds One Chic Chick Swatches

Stop it I'm Blushing! is a light peach with a creme finish. This shade is sooo pretty! It's quite a bit streaky with only 2 coats, but 3 coats and the matte top coat trick gives a beautiful smooth finish. It had great longevity on me, the polish started to chip around day 6!!

It's in the Clouds is a creamy white with a creme finish. This one is tricky, it's streaky but thick so it doesn't level on the nail. I need 3 coats, a layer of matte top coat after the first coat, and some top coat for a smooth finish. It's pretty though!

One Chic Chick is a soft yellow with a creme finish. This yellow definitely looks best with 3 coats, but it doesn't need the matte top coat trick to look good. I do recommend to be light with your brush pressure though.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 Nail Lacquers This Cost Me a Mint It's Boy I am What Amethyst Swatches

This Cost Me a Mint is a pale pastel green with a creme finish. I wore this shade earlier this month and it lasted a good 4 days without chipping! This one have a tendency to be more streaky than the other shades, but again... perfectly smooth with the matte top coat trick!!

It's a Boy! is a baby blue with a creme finish. Oh this is a cute blue! It's patchy in two coats, but 3 thin coats did the trick!

I Am What I Amethyst is a light lilac with a creme finish. I think this is the best formula out of the 6 shades, it's still a bit streaky with 2 coats but looks good with 3 thin coats.

OPI Soft Shades 2016 Pastel Yellow Blue Green Pink Lilac Nail Lacquer Review Photos

The OPI Nail Lacquers retail for $12.50 CAD for 15ml.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)

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