May 19, 2018

Moroccanoil Styling Products

Moroccanoil is well-known for its hair oil, but did you know that the brand has a variety of argan oil-infused styling products too? I tried a few products this year, and some of them are now staples in my routine!

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Moroccanoil Styling Products Review Luminous Hairspray Root Boost Dry Texture Spray Shampoo Dark Tones

All these products have Moroccanoil's signature scent, which I would describe as sensual and addictive. To me, it smells like amber, musk and a touch of spicy vanilla.

I love it! It can be quite a strong scent though, so I would suggest to smell it in store first!

Moroccanoil Review Luminous Hairspray Root Boost Dry Texture Spray Shampoo Dark Tones

Luminous Hairsprays ($28 CAD for 330ml)
I looooove the Luminous Hairsprays! There's three to choose from : Medium, Strong and Extra Strong. What I like about them is that they add a bit of shine, and don't make my hair feel crunchy.

I don't see a huge difference between the Medium and the Extra Strong versions, both provide weightless and flexible hold. The Extra Strong hairspray gives a bit more hold, but it's not a super strong hairspray. They are great to tame down frizz though, and they make my curls last all day!

Root Boost ($32 CAD for 250ml)
This spray-on mousse is designed to add volume and thicken hair at the roots. And it really works! But my hair is very long, so unfortunately my hair fall flat after a few hours. I love the fact that it adds grip and texture, but doesn't leave a sticky residue in my hair.

If you want volume and your hair is short or medium length, give it a go!

Dry Shampoo 'Dark Tones' ($29 CAD for 205ml)
This isn't a styling product, but I really wanted to include it in this review because it's one of my favorite dry shampoos for dark hair! (they have one for blonde hair too)

It smells amazing, absorbs oil like magic, and doesn't leave a white residue on my dark brown hair! The product is slightly tinted, but it doesn't stain my hands. Also, it doesn't leave my hair feeling tacky or gritty.

Dry Texture Spray ($30 CAD for 205ml)
This product is great if you want an effortlessly undone look!

I find that dry texture sprays work best for wavy and/or fine hair, it's the perfect styling product for a wavy bob! Also, it's great to add volume and grip before styling your hair in a messy bun or voluminous braid, especially if your hair is freshly washed and too soft to hold an upstyle.

It makes my hair feel a bit dry and crunchy, but not sticky or waxy.

Moroccanoil Favorite Argan Oil Hairspray Texture Spray Dry Shampoo Dark Hair

Moroccanoil is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Look Fantastic, Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue.

(I received some of these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. I bought the Dry Shampoo, Root Boost and Dry Texture Spray with my own money. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. Thanks for the reviews I've been wanting to try a few of these products.


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