January 8, 2014

MAC Haul! (Punk Couture, Magnetic Nude)

This is just a quick preview of the reviews I will write this week, I haven't tried anything yet except one thing but it's too early to talk about it! I haven't ordered from MAC since a long time so I was very excited to get this order, which took forever to get here (2 weeks, wtf MAC?).

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Autoerotique Extra Dimension Blush :
I love these blushes so I couldn't resist buying this one! I'll compare it to other similar shades in my MAC collection, so please let me know if you have any special request.

Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish :
I already own Superb and I love it, but it look best when I'm tan and Whisper of Gilt isn't exactly what I want. Let's just hope that it will not turn orangey on me!

Our Secret Fluidline :
Fluidlines are great ; they are creamy, well pigmented and last all day without smudging. This is a beautiful chocolate brown, I'm curious to see how it will look on me because it's a lighter brown than what we usually see.

Instigator Lipstick :
I wasn't expecting such a dark color, it looks lighter on all the pics I've seen! But I haven't swatched it yet so it might be lighter on my lips!

Studded Kiss Lipstick :
I was going to order Diva which is supposed to be similar, but I decided to go with Studded Kiss since I prefer the Retro Matte formula. I'm confused though because it says 'Matte' on the packaging.

Spiked Eye Brows :
I'm still looking for the perfect brow routine and I think this pencil will be great to define the arch and tail. I wouldn't use it to fill in all my brows though.

RiRi Woo Pro Longwear Lip Pencil :
I was lucky to be able to buy this lip pencil because it was released a couple of weeks ago and normally it would be sold out. I was going to order Cherry, but I prefer the Pro Longwear formula.

Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 :
I bought this concealer because Jaclyn Hill is raving about it all the time! It looks amazing on her so I had to try it.

Radiant Rose Prep + Prime Highlighter :
I own Light Boost, but it's a bit too yellow to use as a under eye concealer. I will probably wear it over my usual concealer, just to brighten up my eye area! And again.. Jaclyn Hill use it in all her videos!


  1. Oooh great pics, the lipstick look gorgeous!! The blushes look beautiful to, would't say no to a bit of extra dimension myself.



    1. I love everything I bought from these 2 collections!


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