September 10, 2014

Misencil Duo Eyeliner

Misencil is a brand well known for their eyelash extensions, but did you know that they also sell makeup and skincare? These products are exclusively developed for the care of eyelash extensions, but of course anybody can use them. Today I'm reviewing the Duo Eyeliner, a product I've been enjoying since the past few weeks!

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These eyeliners have a felt tip and gives a highly pigmented and opaque black with a semi-matte finish. They are water resistant but not waterproof. If I splash some water on them they don't bleed everywhere, but if I rub my eyes while it's wet it will eventually come off. They dry quite fast and don't flake or smudge.

I love the 3-dot eyeliner, I don't use it to draw dots on my lids because that's not my style, but I love to tighline with it! I'm not good at explaining stuff like that so if you don't know what tighlining is, click here to watch a video that explain how to do it!

For this look, I used the Illusion Liner (the 3-dot tip) to tighline my eyes. I also applied it on the lower lashline and smudged it immediatly with a brush to create a softer effect. I used the Précision Liner for the line and the wing.

This is not the best eyeliner for a thick line (like I did for this look) because you'll need to shake it a couple times during the application because the tip can dry out. Also, you'll use a lot of product so jumbo eyeliners are always best for those of you who prefer that look. But if you prefer a thin line, this is great!

Overall I love this duo! They have excellent pigmentation, doesn't flake or smudge, and are resistant to tears!

The Misencil Duo Eyeliner retail for $34 CDN for 2ml (2 x 1ml).

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


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