October 12, 2017

Benefit Real False Lashes Collection

Have your heard? Benefit just launched a range of false eyelashes! Available in 6 designs, the Real False Lashes are made of lightweight synthetic fibres and have a flexible lash band. They are supposed to be easy to apply, reusable and comfortable to wear.

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Benefit Real False Lashes Review Swatches

Here are the 6 models :

Pin-Up Lash : Multi-layered lashes, brown and black, extreme volume

Going Solo Lash : Individual lashes, black, buildable volume

Debutante Lash : Soft and separate lashes, black, subtle cat eye effect

Prima Donna Lash : Crossed and layered lashes, black, high drama look

Daily Darling Lash : Light and layered lashes, black, natural look

Girly Up Lash : Full and flared lashes, black, cat eye effect

Benefit Real False Lashes Review Pin-Up Going Solo Debutante Prima Donna Daily Darling Girly
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I love how these lashes are not heavy at all on the lids, aside from the Pin-Up Lash model which has a stiffer band and multi-layered lashes. The other models are very lightweight, and the lash band is flexible.

This is my first successful attempt at applying individual lashes! I'm not sure why but I always struggled to apply them properly. I have to say, I was afraid that I would end up with an individual lash cluster on my cheek without knowing it. Anyone else feel this way about individual lashes? I love how it looks though!!

Benefit Real False Lashes Pin-Up Going Solo Debutante Prima Donna Daily Darling Girly
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I love the Girly Up Lash and Debutante Lash models, but for the makeup looks I post on this blog I still prefer my silk lashes because the tapered ends are prettier in macro shots. I will wear them on a regular day though!

I will experiment more with the Going Solo individual lashes too, because I love how it looks on me!

Benefit New Real False Lashes Models

The Benefit Real False Lashes retail for $20 CAD.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. those look high quality. I love eyelash extensions that are easy to apply and you can buy in a shop.


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