October 4, 2018

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette

As you may know already, TheBalm recently came out with two new face palettes! The Alternative Rock palettes feature six eyeshadows, a bronzing powder, a blush and a highlighter. Today I'm reviewing the Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette, but stay tuned for my thoughts on the other palette!

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TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette Review Swatches Photos

The formula seems to vary from shade to shade, but overall I really liked this palette!

The shade Nice Ash is perfect. This one is creamy and very pigmented (even without a primer) and I can apply it with a brush or my fingers.

The mattes (All Ore Nothing, Naughty Or Gneiss) are very smooth and nicely pigmented if I apply them over an eyeshadow primer! Naughty Or Gneiss is almost the same color as my skin, but it makes it the perfect shade (for me) to blend away any harsh edges. These two eyeshadows are easy to blend and don't look patchy on the skin.

As for the shade Take It For Granite, the color payoff is great but only if I apply it with my fingers. I think the formula is too creamy to be applied with a brush.

By the way, Lead Astray and Copper Attitute are loaded with glitters and the formula feels a bit chunky. You need to be extra careful when applying these two shades as you may end up with glitters all over your face, so I highly suggest to apply them with your fingers. The colors are beautiful, though!

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette Review

This palette contains a bronzer, a blush and an highlighter as well, and all of them can be used on the eyes too.

They are slightly less pigmented than the eyeshadows, but the colors are buildable and don't look patchy on the skin.

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette

The highlighter (Basalt And Pepper) is very light and opaque so I can only wear it if I apply it with a light hand, even when my skin is super pale. It leaves a gorgeous pink sheen on the skin, when applied correctly, but it would look very ashy on darker skin tones.

The bronzer (Iron More Than You) is a bit too warm for me (I prefer the bronzer in the other Alternative Rock palette), but I like to use it as a transition shade on my eyelids

I love the blush (Of Quartz You Did) too, it's such a pretty mauvy pink with a satin finish! Oh and it lasts all day on me!

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette Swatches

Naughty Or Gneiss is a light peachy beige with a matte finish.

Lead Astray is a light pink with a glittery finish.

Take It For Granite is a medium silver with a shimmery, almost metallic finish.

Copper Attitude is a coppery rose with a glittery finish.

Nice Ash is a deep plum with a luminous, shimmery finish.

All Ore Nothing is a ash brown with a matte finish.

TheBalm Alternative Rock Volume 1 Face Palette Swatches

Iron More Than You is a warm brown with a matte finish.

Of Quartz You Did is a mauvy pink with a satin finish.

Basalt And Pepper is a frosty white with a pink sheen.

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol 1 Face Eyeshadow Palette Review

The TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 Face Palette retails for $27.50 US for 12g and is available at Beauty Bay and thebalm.com.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. what is the wear on these shadows like? and if you could only use one on a daily basis, would it be this one or volume 2 in this line?

    1. Hmm I tried them with a primer and the staying power was great, can't say if they would last all day without a primer though.

      My favorite is this one (Vol. 1), although I prefer the highlighter in the Vol. 2!


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