January 16, 2014

MAC Autoerotique Extra Dimension Blush (Magnetic Nude)

MAC Autoerotique blush is part of the Magnetic Nude collection which launched on December 26th 2013 in Canada. I bought 2 of these blushes when they made their first appearance in the In Extra Dimension collection last year, and I really enjoyed the formula. Since I already own many blushes, I only got one from this collection : Autoerotique!

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Autoerotique is a medium warm rose with a satin finish. This isn't a coral pink to me, when I compare it to Flaming Chic, which is a true coral pink, Autoerotique looks much more muted and not as bright.

The color payoff is great and I didn't notice any weird waxy film on it, unlike the Extra Dimension blushes from last year. The texture is silky smooth and easy to blend. I like the sheen it gives my cheeks without being too sparkly!

Eeeek, not the best lipstick to wear with that blush!

MAC Fleet Fast is a bit darker and has very fine golden shimmers. MAC Ripe For Love is darker, more frosty and peachy. I would say Fleet Fast is more similar to Autoerotique than Ripe For Love, not an exact dupe but you might not need both because I don't see a lot of difference on the cheeks. If Ripe For Love was too orangey on you or too frosty, you might want to give Autoerotique a try, the finish is more natural and less warm toned.

Please note that my skintone is equivalent to NC35 at the moment, so all peachy and warm pink blushes look less orangey on me than when my skin is pale. 

The formula is definitely better than when they were first released in 2013, no weird waxy layer that you need to scrap off and the texture is soft and easy to work with! I still love the original formula, but these are much better.

The MAC Autoerotique Extra Dimension Blush retail for $29.50 CDN for 6.5g and it's a limited edition.

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