January 19, 2014

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Fairly Precious (Magnetic Nude)

Being a big fan of my Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders, I couldn't resist to buy one of the new shades in the Magnetic Nude collection. You can order it since December 26th so hurry up if you want it, I'm surprised that it's still available on the Canadian site!

(Vous parlez français? Cliquez ici!)

Fairly Precious is described as a peach with multidimensional pearly sheen. This description is pretty much exact. I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed that the finish isn't exactly like my beloved Superb : It's still very shimmery but less metallic. It also seems like it's a little bit less buttery smooth (you know how Superb almost have a creamy consistency, even though it's a powder?).

This color is gorgeous over a blush, but I also like to wear it alone as a light peach blush with a shimmery finish. It can be too sparkly for you or too lightly colored, but I personally like it. I don't like bright cheeks anyway. I'm a NC35 at the moment and I'm wearing it as a blush on this pic (it's slightly more shimmery in real life) :

MAC Superb is darker and the finish is more metallic. Bobbi Brown Apricot is slightly less pink. MAC Adored is lighter and more pink, the finish is more like a sheen instead of being shimmery.

Please note that Fairly Precious is more peachy (maybe orange) on fair skintones, I will strictly use it as a blush when I'm not tan. In fact, all these shades looks more colorful and warm toned on pale skin (lighter than NC35).

I love wearing it as a blush or over another blush. It doesn't give the same effect on my cheeks than my others Extra Dimension Skinfinish, but I still love it!

The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Fairly Precious retail for $35 CDN for 9g and it's a limited edition.


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