August 21, 2019

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer (All shades)

Have you heard? Benefit recently came out with a new liquid concealer! Available in 12 shades, the Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer is said to have a natural finish and offer full coverage, without caking or cracking. In addition, this multi-purpose concealer contains an algae-derived ingredient known for its smoothing properties.

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Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Review Photos Swatches Before After MAC Equivalents

Formula-wise, the Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer has a light and creamy consistency! It doesn't leave a sticky or greasy film, it feels like nothing on the skin. But if you need a moisturizing concealer, I suggest to apply this one over an eye cream. Although to be fair, this product isn't supposed to be hydrating.

Also, it dries quite fast so I recommend to blend it immediately (don't wait too long!). I like to blend it with a damp Beautyblender, and then I add another thin layer and pat the product with my fingers. I set everything with a bit of loose powder!

Please note that it dries darker once on the skin, but it doesn't oxidize throughout the day. 

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Review Swatches Before After NO. 1
I'm wearing Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer in NO. 1 (without powder) and Esqido's Unisyn Lashes in Heart & Soul

This concealer has a matte finish and I would say that the coverage is medium to full, but it depends on how much product you use.

If you prefer medium coverage, you will only need a very thin layer of product! It looks like second skin and doesn't look cakey at all.

But if you are like me and only use full coverage concealers, you will need to apply more concealer until the desired coverage is achieved. It doesn't have the same second skin finish than if I only use a small amount of product, but it doesn't necessarily look cakey. However, the formula is more prone to creasing when I apply more concealer (it happens with most concealers, though).

All concealers crease on me too, so that's not something I take into consideration unless it's really bad, and that's not the case here. The main thing I'm looking for in a concealer is full coverage!

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Applicator

I do prefer a luminous finish for my dark circles, but the matte finish is perfect for spot concealing! I usually use Make Up For Ever's Full Cover Camouflage Cream, but this new Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer is seriously good too.

By the way, the formula is fragrance-free!

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Review Ingredients

I wish it came in more shades though, the shade NO. 1 is perfect for me when my skin is pale, but I need to mix the colors NO. 2 and NO. 5 when I'm tan. The shade NO. 3 is too light (for some reason, NO. 3 is a bit lighter than NO. 2 on me), NO. 4 is too beige (I need a peachy or neutral undertone) and NO. 5 is too dark.

But other than that, I love the Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer!

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Swatches 1 2 3 4 5 6 MAC NW15 NC15 NC30 NW30 NW35
Swatches on fair skin (NC15)

NO. 1 is darker than NW15 (but lighter than NW20) and has pink undertones.

NO. 2 is similar to NC15 and has peachy gold undertones.

NO. 3 is slightly lighter than NC15 and has peachy gold undertones.

NO. 4 is similar to NW30 and has pinky beige undertones.

NO. 5 is a bit darker than NC30 and has neutral undertones.

NO. 6 is similar to NW35 and has peachy pink undertones.

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Swatches 7 8 9 10 11 12 MAC NW40 NW42 NW45 NW50 NC45
Swatches on fair skin (NC15)

NO. 7 is slightly lighter than NW40 and has neutral peachy undertones.

NO. 8 is similar to NW42 and has neutral beige undertones.

NO. 9 is darker than NC42 (but lighter than NC45) and has gold undertones.

NO. 10 is a bit lighter than NW45 and has caramel undertones.

NO. 11 is darker than NW45 (but lighter than NW50) and has neutral beige undertones.

NO. 12 is darker than NW45 (but lighter than NW50) and has neutral undertones.

Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer Review Photos MAC Shades

The Benefit Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer retails for $30 CAD for 5ml and is available at Sephora and Ulta.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. Great review, I'm excited to try it! I went to the launch event and they said that they were competing against the Tarte Shape Tape. Do you find the two comparable or is one better than the other?

    1. I don't know, I only have one shade of the Shape Tape concealer and can't use it because it's too dark!

  2. These sound great and I love this packaging! The coverage looks great on your under eye!

  3. Always love your swatches and shade comparisons! I heard that the formula is a lot like Shape Tape, too.

    Alexis |


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