March 7, 2020

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers

A few weeks ago, Laura Mercier launched a new range of water-based primers! There are four different formulas in the Pure Canvas Primers collection: Illuminating, Blurring, Perfecting and Hydrating. Each primer has its own special properties, and they are silicone free and fragrance free!

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Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers Review Photos Swatches Blurring Hydrating Illuminating Perfecting

Out of the four primers in this collection, the Pure Canvas Blurring Primer is hands down my favorite! Sometimes I even use it by itself when I don't wear makeup, I just love how it controls shine and makes my pores look smaller.

It looks like a thick cream, but it doesn't feel heavy by any means; it melts on the skin and dries down to a silky soft finish.

It doesn't dry out my skin like other mattifying primers (thanks to the microalgae and glycerin it contains), but it's still very effective at blurring the appearance of pores and absorbing excess oil.

If your skin is oily, this is the primer for you! I know it will be a staple in my makeup bag this summer!

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers Blurring Hydrating Illuminating Perfecting
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Next is the Pure Canvas Hydrating Primer, my second favorite primer in this collection. It contains olive extract, glycerin and marine hydra botanicals to nurture the skin and lock in hydration.

It has a gel-cream consistency and the formula is VERY hydrating. It's not greasy or oily, but it feels a bit sticky for a few minutes.

I love how intensely hydrating it is, my skin is oily but very dehydrated in the cooler months and this primer is perfect for my skin type! I noticed that my skin looks dewier than usual when I use this primer though, just something to keep in mind if you prefer a matte complexion.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Swatches Blurring Hydrating Illuminating Perfecting

Formulated with vitamin C, green tea extract and aloe vera gel, the Pure Canvas Perfecting Primer is said to visibly brighten skin tone, diminish the appearance of fine lines and soothe skin.

This one is really interesting on paper, but it was the only primer in this range that didn't impress me that much.

I like the texture, the gel-cream formula is moisturizing without being sticky or oily. It leaves my skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

But it doesn't really do anything for my pores or fine lines, my skin looks the same with or without the product and my foundation doesn't last longer.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers Review Photos Packaging

Last but not least, the Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer. I really like this one too, it gives such a beautiful glow to the skin! The consistency is similar to a lotion, but it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or sticky.

The formula is hydrating, but less than the Pure Canvas Hydrating Primer; My skin looks more luminous and healthy with the Illuminating Primer, instead of the dewy finish I get with the Hydrating Primer. I love both, even if they are different!

Oh and by the way, it's a golden champagne color with a gorgeous luminous finish (no glitters). The color is sheer though and since you would usually apply it underneath foundation, I think this shade would work for most skin tones.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers Review

The Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers retail for $50 CAD for 50ml and are available at Sephora.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. love using primer for my face! I really want to try Laura Mercier's primers as they seem less oily. I wonder if there are any in Japan.

    1. Oh I don't know, I think Laura Mercier is available in Japan?

  2. Super love the colors, amazing...I know my wife would wanna try this product for sure. Thank you.

  3. Oh wow. I havent heard of this coming out in that line. I think I would love the illuminating. Gives me a little something when I’m not as tan in the winter.

  4. No idea about the make up products, but having reading it with my girlfriend got me to spend the reading time here. She really liked the product and is now looking for it on amazon. :P

    1. I'm not sure if she will find it on Amazon, but these primers are available at Sephora!

  5. I love those shades primer perfect for all skin tones. I would love to check this Laura primers it sounds amazing!


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