March 17, 2020

NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette

A few days ago I wrote a review for the new NARS Hot Fix Cheek Palette, but did you know that the Cool Crush collection contains an eyeshadow palette too? Available at Nordstrom, the Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette features twelve shades in matte, metallic and shimmery finishes.

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NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette Review Photos Swatches

There are three mattes in this palette: Soft Chill, Nylon and Risk. What I find interesting with these 3 colors, is that they look quite different on my skin than how they look in the pan. They are darker on my skin, especially if I use an eyeshadow primer. Soft Chill and Nylon are great transition shades and blend out beautifully. I also love Risk, a rich burgundy plum!

The shades Shake It, Fresh Cut and Ganges have a satin finish. They aren't completely matte, but I can barely see the shimmers when I apply them on my lids. These 3 colors have great color payoff, although they look even better if I use an eyeshadow primer. They blend out like a charm and never look patchy!

By the way I'm not sure if they improved the formula, but I tried Ganges in 2018 and it was a bit tricky to work with (didn't blend out easily and it was patchy). I don't have these issues with the Ganges eyeshadow included in this palette!

NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette Review Photos

Last but not least, the shimmery shades: Sexed, Superclass, Prowl, Feist, Idol II and Inception. Most of them are highly pigmented, even without a primer! The only shimmery color I didn't like at first, is Inception. This one is dry and powdery, so it needs to be applied with a dampened brush.

This is something that would usually bother me, but it's such a gorgeous color that I'll make an exception for this one!

All in all, I love this palette more than I expected. The shade Inception could be better in terms of formula, but I do love the color scheme in the Cool Crush eyeshadow palette!

NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches

Soft Chill is a light golden beige with a satin matte finish.

Sexed is a golden ivory with a shimmery finish.

Superclass is a rosy champagne with a frosty finish.

Nylon is a rosy nude with a matte finish.

Fresh Cut is a warm brown with a satin finish.

Inception is a golden turquoise blue with a shimmery finish.

NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette Photos Swatches

Prowl is a warm rose with a frosty finish.

Shake It is a golden peach with a satin finish.

Feist is a golden bronze with a metallic finish.

Ganges is a deep forest green with a satin finish.

Risk is a dark burgundy plum with a matte finish.

Isolde II is a rich bronze with a shimmery finish.

NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette Packaging

The NARS Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette retails for $78 CAD for 14.4g (1.2g x 12) and is available at Nordstrom.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. The packaging is so pretty I just love it. The variety of shades is so good too.

    1. I love the packaging too, although I can see my fingerprints all over it. lol

  2. Wowowow! The shades in this palette look so pretty, I can stare at it all day :)

    1. I really like the color selection in this one!

  3. These swatches are really lovely - the shades look super pretty! I've never tried Nars eyeshadows before!

    1. Whhhattt?! You need at least one NARS palette in your collection!!


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