December 10, 2013

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Since my brows have been growing a little bit more during the past few months, they have a tendency to grow in all kind of directions and I'm having a hard time trying to keep them in place all day. Well, that was before I discovered Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, which is now one of my must have makeup products!

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Anastasia Clear Brow Gel is, as its name implies, a clear gel that tames and sets unruly brows. It contains chamomile and sodium hyaluronate, both ingredients conditions hair and offers a lustrous, natural look. It holds brows in place all day without leaving them sticky or flaky (nobody want to look like they have dandruff in their brows)!

Honestly, I never had the chance to try another brow gel so I can't compare but I can't imagine anything better than that! Maybe something that would leave the hair a little bit less stiff, but it's not something I would complain about.

It can be worn alone or layered over your brow powder, which is what I usually do (see pic above).

My brows stay glued in place until I wash my face later that night. Great stuff!

The Anastasia Clear Brow Gel retail for $29 CDN for 7.93g.

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