February 21, 2014

2014 Makeup Trends : Top 5 'Radiant Orchid' Lipsticks

It's not a secret anymore, you all know what is the Pantone Color of the year : Radiant Orchid. As soon as I saw the color on Pantone's website, I immediately thought 'great, another pinky mauve that will make me look like I have jaundice.' Despite what I've read everywhere, I don't think this is a color that will flatter all skin tones, it's quite the opposite for me since my complexion has some golden-olive undertones. But some variations of this color are more wearable, so this inspired me to find 5 shades that aren't too similar ; some of them are more pink, some are a darker plum, and the finish can go from a chic matte to a glossy cream.

My goal was to find something that YOU will be able to wear, depending of your preferences (bold or soft? glossy or matte? highend or drugstore?) or your skin tone.

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Nars Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($30 CDN)
Never Say Never is my favorite because it's more wearable on me (golden skin tone), it's less mauve than the others shades. I can wear it no matter if my skin is pale or tanned. The finish is matte and velvety.

MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N28 ($23 CDN)
N28 is darker than all my others choices. It's a stunning plum with a cream finish that will look beautiful on women of color! It's also a shade that will be perfect for Fall/Winter 2014-2015, and it will flatter most skin tones.

Annabelle Breeze TwistUp ($10 CDN)
You might think this is a weird choice, but it's my favorite for pale skin! My golden complexion bring out the lavender undertones, so on me it looks like a soft lavender pink with a cream finish. You will love this one if you aren't ready to wear something more colorful or if, like me, you can't wear pink lipsticks that are too cool toned.

Covergirl Lip Perfection in 330 Divine ($9 CDN)
Divine is a mauve with a cream finish. It's quite different than the others shades, it's much more mauve but still have some pink undertones in it. I like this one because it's not too cool toned so it still look good on olive or golden skin tones, and hey, it's only $9!

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Retro Matte Lipstick ($18 CDN)
If you are looking for something bright and fun, this is it! I think Flat Out Fabulous is a bit too cool toned for me, so this is not my favorite, but everyone seems to like this one so I think it's a good choice. The staying power and the color payoff are phenomenal. 


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