February 15, 2014

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks in 307 Seduce and 327 Bombshell Explosion

Covergirl added new shades to their Lip Perfection lipstick range! I got 2 of them, 327 Bombshell Explosion and 307 Seduce, and when I saw them for the first time I knew that I would love them both! They are stunning!

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307 Seduce, 327 Bombshell Explosion

These are super creamy and glide easily on the lips, without being too oily. They are also highly pigmented, although not fully opaque, and last a long time on the lips. I wore Bombshell Explosion during 5 hours and it still looked great with almost no bleeding around the lips, I had to look really close to see it. Of course it depends of your lips, as we get older we can get wrinkles around the mouth which accentuate de feathering of some lipsticks. But I was really surprised because creamy lipsticks like that are usually more prone to bleeding.

Bombshell Explosion also stain the lips, so it lasted longer than Seduce which didn't stain as much.

I know some girls complained about the scent, but honestly I don't think they smell too strong or bad. They smells like vanilla and caramel to me.

Seduce is similar to MAC RiRi Woo but a bit brighter and the finish is glossy instead of matte. It's a gorgeous red, my pictures don't do it any justice.

Bombshell is a cool toned pink that look great no matter if my skin is pale or tanned. Bombshell is much more cool toned than Maybelline Vivid Rose and less red than Vasanti Hot Brit.

I'm really impressed by these lipsticks, I definitely want to try more! They are affordable yet such good quality (sometimes I see them on sale at $6 CDN), and these 2 shades ROCK!

The Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks retail for $9 CDN.

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