March 24, 2014

In the spotlight : Olay Fresh Effects Skincare Line

Earlier this year, Olay came out with a bunch of new Fresh Effects products for spring 2014, and boy was I excited to try them! Don't you just love that bright and colorful packaging too?!

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Dew Over! Hydrating gel moisturizer ($14)
This gel sinks into the skin quite fast, it's perfect for an oily but dehydrated skin like mine. It reminds me of the Biotherm Aquasource Gel, it's a bit less moisturizing and silky though. But I think it's a pretty good alternative if you can't afford the Biotherm gel because it's much cheaper!

As Fresh As New! Exfoliating wet cloths ($7.50)
I tried their others wipes (S'wipe Out!), which I thought were great but they weren't compatible with my skincare routine (my moisturizer was balling up). I didn't experience this problem with these wipes, but they didn't remove all my makeup. I like to use them to scrub my lips at night when they are stained by the lipstick I was wearing that day, but I won't repurchase them.

Bright On Schedule! Eye awakening cream ($13)
This eye cream has a creamy consistency and is moisturizing without being too greasy or heavy. It's a great eye cream to use under my makeup, and the metal roll-on applicator feels great on puffy and tired eyes. The area around my eyes look more moisturized and refreshed but I need more powerful ingredients in my eye cream to prevent wrinkles and treat dark circles. I would recommend it to younger girls (and boys!) with dehydrated and/or puffy eyes.

Long Live Moisture Satin finish lotion ($13) 
This lotion is oil-free but feels very silky, kind of like a silicone based primer. I'm not a fan of this texture, to be honest, my skin is more oily when I use it and it doesn't work well with my acne prone skin (It clogged my pores and broke me out).

Out of This Swirled! Deep pore clean exfoliating scrub ($8)
Cleansers with salicylic acid are hard to find, especially at such a low price. Salicylic acid is good for acne-prone skin, it helps kill the bacteria that create acne. I'm happy with this cleanser, it makes my skin feel so smooth and clean! It's a bit less effective than my favorite cleanser (NeoStrata Clarifying Gel Cleanser), but it's less drying and much more affordable.

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