October 18, 2014

PUPA Milano Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipsticks in #102, #203, #301, #402 and #403

Do you love matte lipsticks? If you do, you should check out the new PUPA Milano Velvet Matt lipsticks because they are incredible! They just arrived in stores and are available in 12 shades. 

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Creamy upon application, the Miss Pupa Velvet Matt lipsticks dry down to a matte and velvety finish similar to MAC Matte lipsticks, but they are a bit more confortable on the lips. These lipsticks are highly pigmented and while they are by no means sheer, they aren't completely opaque either (a tad more sheer than MAC Matte lipsticks) and you do need a few swipes to get the same color than in the tube.

This formula require that your lips are in good condition, you really need to exfoliate and hydrate your lips prior to the application. But it's worth it, the matte finish is stunning! They smells so good too, they have a delicious vanilla scent.

All the shades still looked great after 4 hours and my lips weren't super dry either, except for #102 Rock Nude which made my lips feel very dry after only 2 hours.

Left to right : #403 Burgundy, #402 Royal Red, #301 Coral Party, #203 Fuchsia Idol and #102 Rock Nude.

Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipstick in #102 Rock Nude :

Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipstick in #203 Fuchsia Idol :

Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipstick in #301 Coral Party :

Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipstick in #402 Royal Red :

Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipstick in #403 Burgundy :

#102 Rock Nude can look chalky in comparison to the other shades. If you have deep lines on the surface of your lips, it will settle into them. I love all the other shades though!

A few comparisons with some MAC lipsticks :
#102 Rock Nude is like a peachy nude version of MAC Please Me
#203 Fuchsia Idol is much more warm toned and less mauve than MAC Flat Out Fabulous
#301 Coral Party is slightly darker and less bright than MAC Relentlessy Red
#402 Royal Red is a tad brighter and lighter than MAC RiRi Woo
#403 Burgundy is slightly lighter and less red than MAC Studded Kiss

These are not dupes, it's just to help you in case you already own one of these MAC lipsticks and are wondering how they would compare!

The PUPA Milano Miss Pupa Velvet Matt Lipsticks retail for $20 CDN for 3.3g.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


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