December 18, 2014

The Body Shop Gifts (Holiday 2014)

If you are still searching for last-minute gift ideas, don't worry! The Body Shop has more than 75 gift sets to choose from and they are pretty good deals too!

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  Moringa Premium Selection ($45 CAD)

This kit contains :
- Moringa Body Butter (200ml)
- Moringa Cream Body Scrub (200ml)
- Moringa Beautifying Oil (100ml)
- Moringa Soap (100g)
- Mini Bath Lily

My thoughts on these products :
I'm not a huge fan of floral scents so Moringa isn't my favorite The Body Shop fragrance, but if you like fresh floral scents you might want to give this one a try! Please note that this kit is available in 8 other scents : Strawberry, Wild Argan Oil, Olive, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Mango, Shea and Satsuma.

The Body Scrub is awesome! It's a thick cream with a generous amount of grains, it exfoliates the skin really well because the grains don't dissolve into the water. It's a moisturizing formula but it doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin.

The Body Butter is a very thick cream and it's very moisturizing! It's a tad too greasy for my liking, but I usually prefer their body lotions anyway because they sink into the skin much faster. I do like to use the body butters on my hands and on my legs, where my skin is noticeably drier.

Last but not least, the Beautifying Oil is such a great product! I love to use this dry oil on my legs and arms during summer, it gives my skin a beautiful glow without feeling too greasy.

Strawberry Ultimate Luxuries ($55 CAD)

This kit contains :
- Strawberry Shower Gel (250ml)
- Strawberry Body Butter (200ml)
- Strawberry Body Polish (75ml)
- Strawberry Beautifying Oil (100ml)
- Strawberry Body Sorbet (200ml)
- Strawberry Eau de Toilette (30ml)

My thoughts on the products :
I love the Strawberry range, it's a nice fruity scent which is not too sweet and is definitely not overpowering. The Ultimate Luxuries gift is available in 4 scents : Strawberry, Moringa, Shea and Coconut. 

The Body Butter is great, it's a thick cream like all the other body butters but this one is a tad less heavy. Like I already said, I'm usually not a huge fan of body butters because I prefer formulas that sink into the skin faster, but it's still a nice body butter and I love to use it on my hands!

I love the Beautifying Oil! I already wrote a review about these dry oils though, so please click here to read it!

The Body Polish would be great for someone who has sensitive skin or to use it on a daily basis because it doesn't contain a lot of grains. It's not my favorite body scrub but I really like it as a shower gel! It lathers nicely and my skin is soft everytime I use it. 

The Eau de Toilette only last 2-3 hours on me. It's a nice summer scent but I'm not in love with it as a perfume.

The Body Sorbet is another great product which I already talked about (Click here to read my review!) earlier this year. It has a weird creamy gel consistency, but it's not greasy at all so it's a nice body moisturizer for the summertime! 

Wild Argan Oil Gift Cube ($10 CAD)

This kit contains :
- Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel (60ml)
- Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion (60ml)
- Mini Bath Lily

My thoughts on the products :
Wild Argan Oil is one of my favorite The Body Shop range!! You can read my thoughts on the whole collection here.

The Shower Gel is awesome, it's not a very moisturizing formula but it doesn't leave my skin dry and itchy! I also love the Body Lotion which was, by the way, in my August favorites. It sink into my skin very fast, it doesn't feel heavy at all even if it's a thick lotion. Also, the scent last more than 8 hours on me! 

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)

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