May 3, 2015

Jouviance Haute Féminité Collection

Jouviance has released their Spring 2015 Collection a few weeks ago : Haute Féminité. All these products are limited edition so if something catches your interest, grab it before it's too late!

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L'Imper Mascara Sealer ($22 CAD for 9.8ml)
This top coat is designed to add a waterproof protective layer over your favorite mascara and it really works! It doesn't flake off or leave a white residue on the lashes.

You can even use it as a primer and it will hold the curl all day, no matter which mascara you are applying over it!

Lashes Sur-Mesure Lash Extensions ($20 CAD for 0.5g)
These fibers really made my eyelashes look longer and fuller. They are quite easy to use, you simply apply one coat of mascara, apply the fibers, and then another coat of mascara... but the packaging is horrible! It's very messy, the fibers gets all over the place and you loose a lot of product because you can't put them back in the tube.

The product itself isn't bad, but they should change the packaging.

Hydra-Colour Quatuor in 08 Paris Hamptons ($34 CAD for 13g)
Jouviance's eyeshadows aren't buttery smooth, but they are very silky and easy to blend. The caramel brown and the dark blue are matte, they have great color payoff and aren't patchy at all. The white and the pink are a tad more sheer and have a shimmery finish, but these two shades really need to be applied wet or over a primer because they don't adhere well to the skin.

I think these eyeshadows are great for someone who has wrinkles (the formula doesn't accentuate them) or simply love these colors, but for me this quad isn't a must have.

Le Stick in 07 John ($20 CAD for 2.6g)
John is a soft, slightly milky peachy pink color! I love this shade, it's a great everyday lipstick. The formula isn't super creamy so you'll need to apply a few layers, but it feels great on the lips. I like the packaging too, it's a twist up stick so you don't have to sharpen it!

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)

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