August 12, 2016

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection

Today I'm reviewing the new CND Fall 2016 Collection, Craft Culture! This collection features 8 new rustic shades, which come in Shellac Nail Color and Vinylux Weekly Polish formulas.

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CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection Review Photos Swatches

CND Fall 2016 Vinylux Craft Culture Collection Review Photos

The 2-step application is super easy : apply 2 coats of Vinylux Weekly Polish and finish with one coat of Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. It doesn't need a base coat, the adhesives are in the color coat!

The formula is quite thin but not too runny, it doesn't tend to flow into the cuticle area. The polish doesn't dry rock hard even if I apply 3 layers and the top coat, so my nails are still flexible. I prefer a nail lacquer that dries rock hard, as it provide some protection for my thin nails and help prevent breakage. If your nails aren't thin like mine, then this won't be a problem!

The Vinylux Weekly Polishes are supposed to last up to 7 days. I only wore 2 shades so far (Denim Patch and Fern Flannel) and the longevity was different for each shade. Fern Flannel started to chip around day 4, while Denim Patch had some minimal tip wear on the fourth day after application, but it only began to chip after 7 days. By the way these shades didn't stain my nails even if I didn't apply a base coat, and blue nail polish tend to stain badly!

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection Review Photos

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Vinylux Review Swatches Denim Patch Oxblood Patina Buckle Fern Flannel
Left to right : Denim Patch, Oxblood, Patina Buckle and Fern Flannel.

Denim Patch is a grey blue with a creme finish. I love this color, it was fully opaque with 2 thin coats!

Oxblood is an oxblood red with a creme finish. Woooh this shade is sheer, which is very surprising because red nail polishes are usually highly pigmented and opaque. This one needed 3 thin coats.

Patina Buckle is a purple with a shimmery turquoise duochrome finish. This color is gorgeous, but it's a bit sheer. You will need to apply 3 coats if you don't want any visible nail line.

Fern Flannel is a deep teal blue with a shimmery finish. Fern Flannel is nearly opaque in 2 coats, but I prefer to apply a third coat to get the most color impact. 

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection Review Photos

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Vinylux Review Swatches Leather Satchel Hand Fired Brass Button Brick Knit
Left to right : Leather Satchel, Hand Fired, Brass Button and Brick Knit.

Leather Satchel is a copper bronze with a shimmery finish. This beautiful color is slightly streaky so I had to pay attention to the brush strokes, but it was fully opaque in 2 coats.

Hand Fired is a copper red with a shimmery finish. Hand Fired is still a bit sheer with 2 coats, but it looks great with 3 thin coats.

Brass Button is a yellow gold with a shimmery finish. The coverage is sheer in 2 coats, but opaque in 3.

Brick Knit is a burnt orange red with a creme finish. This one is a bit streaky in two coats, but 3 thin coats did the trick!

CND Fall 2016 Vinylux Weekly Polish Craft Culture Collection Review Photos

The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish retail for $12.50 CAD for 15ml.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. I love this entire collection! It's SOOOOO fall!

  2. What a pity those gorgeous reds need 3 coats... I guess it would look streaky on my ridged nails :(.

    1. I have ridges on my nails too and the reds didn't look streaky with 3 coats!


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