February 2, 2018

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette

For Spring 2018, NARS came out with a new eyeshadow palette ; Danger Control! Specifically formulated to be applied wet or dry, this limited edition palette includes 6 shimmery and glittery pastel colors. Also, the formula is infused with pomegranate seed oil, gingko biloba extract and vitamin E.

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NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2018 Review Photos Swatches

Elektra (golden pink) is incredibly smooth and buttery to the touch, and so are Bionic (yellow gold) and Headus (light purple)! Bionic and Headus are sheerer, but nicely pigmented even without a primer.

Aeryn Sun (light beige), Rave (pale silver) and Tonic (lavender) have a similar formula, they are a bit chunky and contain micro glitters. I suggest to apply them with your fingertips to prevent glitter fall out.

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2018

Headus looks like a light ivory color in the pan, but it's a beautiful opalescent light purple when applied on the skin! It can look chalky if I apply a thick layer though, so it's best to apply a small amount.

By the way, it looks amazing over black eyeliner or cream eyeshadow!

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2018 Review

To me, this is an accent palette. The colors are beautiful, but I can't create a complete look with only this palette. I wore Tonic with Rave yesterday, and Elektra with Aeryn Sun today, and I still needed to use a few matte eyeshadows from another palette to complete my makeup look.

If you are into sparkly and pastel eyeshadows, then I think you would love the Danger Control palette!

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2018 Pastel Swatches

Rave is a light frosty silver with a sparkly finish.

Elektra is a golden pink with a shimmery and duochrome finish.

Aeryn Sun is a frosty light beige with a sparkly finish.

Bionic is a yellow gold with a shimmery finish.

Haedus is a light opalescent purple with a shimmery finish.

Tonic is a frosty lavender with a sparkly finish.

NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette Spring Review

The NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette retails for $62 CAD for 12g (6 x 2g) and is available at Sephora.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)

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