March 1, 2019

NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush

NARS recently came out with a new limited-edition cheek compact! Suitable for all skin tones, NARS' new Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush contains a highlighter, a blush and a matte bronzer. Each color can be used alone or blended together to create the desired effect.

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NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush Review Photos Swatches

This is solely a powder blush for me because the design isn't practical at all. I can't pick up the highlighter and the bronzer with a brush (I like to use a large brush to apply my bronzing powder), because the sections are too narrow.

I can only apply the highlighter with my fingers (and then blend with a brush), or swirl my brush into all three shades and use it like a blush.

NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush Review

The highlighter is very soft and has a beautiful luminous finish (no glitters), while the coral shade is nicely pigmented and has a matte finish. However, the bronzer is too dense and less pigmented than I would like. 

I have to say though, that the staying power was impressive. This blush lasted a good 12 hours on me!

NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush Swatches

I love the color when I swirl my brush into all three shades, but I wish I could use each shade individually.

For the price, I think I would prefer NARS' blush/bronzer duos!

NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush Review

The NARS Fireclay Mosaic Glow Blush retails for $54 CAD for 11g and is available at Sephora.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. It's too bad your just pick up exhaust individual shade .They are all so darn pretty. I still really like the shade they make when mixed together.

  2. It's so hard when the shades aren't in separate pans! But such a pretty product nonetheless!

    1. I would use more often if the sections weren't so narrow!


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