September 16, 2019

NARS' new Lipsticks (Satin & Matte)

To celebrate NARS' 25th Anniversary, the brand has reformulated their lipsticks and added many new colors to the range! Enriched with moringa and passion fruit seed oils, NARS' new lipsticks are said to apply smoothly and evenly, condition lips, and provide long-lasting color that is resistant to feathering. There are 60 shades to choose from and they are available in 3 finishes: Sheer, Satin and Matte. But today, I'm reviewing a few of the Satin and Matte shades!

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NARS new Lipsticks Satin Matte Review Photos Swatches Fall 2019

Let's start with the Matte Lipsticks! I have four shades to show you: Fire Down Below, Pour Toujours, Erotic Adventure, Inappropriate Red. The formula is consistent between shades; the texture is quite firm in the tube so they tug a little on my lips during application. They are very pigmented though, and the colors aren't patchy or streaky!

Light shades usually look streaky on me, but it's barely noticeable with the color Pour Toujours. I think I need to get my hands on a few other nude shades because I love the formula! Maybe Boukhara, Catfight or Lovin' Lips? (Let me know if you've tried them!)

The shade Pour Toujours feels a bit dry on my lips, like most matte lipsticks, so I like to use a primer with this one (such as MAC's Prep & Prime Lip). The other colors are very comfortable on the lips, much to my surprise!

As for the staying power, they don't bleed at all (that's what I like about matte lipsticks) and while they aren't completely transfer-proof, they don't rub off on my coffee mug. The shade Pour Toujours lasts about 4 hours on me, while Fire Down Below, Inappropriate Red and Erotic Adventure stay on well for 7-8 hours.

NARS new Lipsticks Matte Review Fall 2019
Left to right: Pour Toujours, Inappropriate Red, Erotic Adventure and Fire Down Below.

The Satin Lipsticks are creamier and glide on lips easily, but I didn't love all the shades.

Hot Channel and Impulse are sheer and streaky, both shades look awful on chapped or dry lips. Impulse looks great if my lips aren't dry, but Hot Channel is still uneven and streaky even on freshly exfoliated lips.

The other two colors (Opulent Red and Afghan Red) are highly pigmented and the colors aren't streaky at all! They are creamy but not too much, so the lipsticks are less prone to feathering. But I would recommend using a lip pencil with the darker colors.

These four Satin lipsticks last between 5 and 7 hours on me.

NARS new Lipsticks Satin Review Photos
Left to right: Afghan Red, Impulse, Opulent Red and Hot Channel.

All in all, I looove the Matte lipsticks! They are surprisingly comfortable on the lips and the color payoff is top notch! I love the Satin formula as well, but I wouldn't recommend all the colors (I like Afghan Red and Opulent Red).

NARS Lipstick Satin Swatches Opulent Red

Opulent Red is a deep burgundy plum with a satin finish.

NARS new Lipstick Satin Swatches Hot Channel

Hot Channel is a cool-toned purple with a pearly finish.

NARS Lipstick Satin Swatches Impulse

Impulse is a dark berry pink with a satin finish.

NARS new Lipstick Satin Swatches Afghan Red

Afghan Red is a medium warm plum with a satin finish.

NARS new Lipstick Matte Swatches Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below is a dark rusty red with a matte finish.

NARS new Lipstick Matte Swatches Pour Toujours

Pour Toujours is a mauvy rose with a matte finish.

NARS Lipstick Matte Swatches Erotic Adventure

Erotic Adventure is a rosy brown with a matte finish.

NARS Lipstick Matte Swatches Inappropriate Red

Inappropriate Red is a cool-toned red with a matte finish.

NARS new Lipsticks Satin Matte Review Photos Fall 2019

The NARS Lipsticks retail for $34 CAD for 3.5g and are available at Sephora.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. Your lip swatches are always perfection - these formulas look fantastic! But, erotic adventure looks like my perfect lipstick!

    1. Thank you! Yes I think Erotic Adventure would look good on you!

  2. I still can't get over how amazing your lip swatches are!! I love Pour Toujours!! So pretty!


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