January 5, 2014

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Moscato

Have you ever heard of Bite Beauty? They recently added a new product to their lipstick line, the Cashmere Lip Cream! Formulated with four times the average level of pigment, they coat the lips with an intense and feather-light wash of color. I fell in love with Moscato, a neon bright pink! I thought that MAC Candy Yum Yum and Nars Schiap were the brightest pink lipsticks on the market, but they are nothing compared to Moscato!

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Moscato is a very bright neon pink with a cream finish . I expected a matte finish, but this is not the case! The finish is slightly glossy and never becomes completely matte even after several hours. I still love it because it's not sticky or too oily, and you can always blot the excess oil with a tissue if you prefer a matte finish. The color payoff is impressive and the intensity of this shade is out of this world. 
The texture is thick but it still glides easily on the lips and looks smooth. It's lightweight, comfortable and the staying power is great! (It stains the lips) I didn't need any lip liner because the wand allows me to apply it with precision and this formula doesn't feather either!

The only little thing I dislike about this lipstick is that the scent isn't that great. It kind of smells like plastic. The scent doesn't stay on the lips, but it could be better.

Nars Schiap - Bite Beauty Moscato - MAC Candy Yum Yum - OCC Anime Lip Tar - Bright Pink lipstick swatches

I love the texture of this lipstick, it's not sticky and doesn't dry out my lips! Seriously, have you ever seen a pink like that? It's not cheap, but I think this one is worth every penny if you are looking for a very bright neon pink!

The Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Moscato retail for $32 CDN.


  1. Wow. That shade could cause traffic accidents!! I've been thinking about these every time I pass by Sephora. Thus far, I've really enjoyed everything I've tried from this brand.

    1. They are great, I think it's my favorite lipstick formula from this brand!

  2. C'est vraiment une couleur wow! J'voulais voir ta review pour savoir si l'odeur qu'il y a dans leur lip pencils est dans le gloss, et malheureusement oui. Moi jsuis juste pas capable de porter ca, ils devraient vraiment faire qqc.:(

    1. Je comprends, moi aussi je préférerais qu'ils aient une odeur plus agréable, mais je crois qu'ils n'ont pas le choix vu que c'est une marque plus naturelle.


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