January 9, 2014

MAC Our Secret Fluidline (+ EOTD)

I haven't purchased a Fluidline since many years now, mainly because I rarely use eyeliner so it was just wise to restrain myself on that type of product. But I couldn't resist to buy the new Our Secret shade, which is part of the Magnetic Nude collection.

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Our Secret is described as a metallic brown with red pearl. It doesn't look very metallic to me (and I'm not sure where is the red pearl), but it does have a high level of sheen if you apply a thick coat. I have a hard time describing this shade, it looks like a medium shimmery taupey brown. It's a bit light to be used as an eyeliner, I prefer darker browns for that. But you can also apply it all over the lid, or smudged on the lashline, or even in the crease!

Fluidlines aren't new to me, I think I bought my first one 10 years ago and it was love at first try. I still own the first I bought (Blacktrack) and even if I know I should throw it away since it's so old, I'm happy to report that it's still creamy. Ok not as creamy as when it was brand new, but still very easy to apply and it works just as well. Anyway, all this to tell you that it doesn't dry up easily overtime like some other gel eyeliners.

The formula is phenomenal : It's a gel but it's creamy, it glides easily on the lids and it's very pigmented. This eyeliner is waterproof, it last all day on my lids without budging, flaking or smudging.

For this look, I used : MAC A Natural Flirt eyeshadow all over the lid, MAC Our Secret Fluidline as an eyeliner and in the crease, MAC Brule eyeshadow on the brow bone, Eylure #110 falsies, MUFE 0L Aqua Eyes on the waterline and the new Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate for my brows. 

Graphic Brown is darker and the texture is more creamy. Teddy is darker and more warm toned. MUFE 25L is much darker and matte.

The only downside is that you will need an eyeliner brush to apply it, and clean that damn brush everytime you use it (which isn't the case with liquid eyeliner, obviously). But hey, that's not a big deal, right?

The MAC Our Secret Fluidline retail for $19 CDN for 3g.


  1. Very pretty! and it complements your eyes!!

    -Mosha010 @ Specktra

  2. I don't get it ...this site just for products reviews or I can also order from it :(

    1. Products reviews only, I don't sell anything.

  3. Toooooo bad I wish you did 😢
    Anyways Brilliant Reviews 💕
    Middle east. Dubai


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