February 6, 2014

Lancôme Blush Highlighter in Rose Ballerine

It almost feel like winter just started, but makeup companies are already putting on the shelves their spring collections with soft and delicate shades! This year, Lancôme is offering us a collection inspired by lace tutus and ballet slippers, French Ballerine.

(Vous parlez français? Cliquez ici!)

Rose Ballerine is a soft and delicate pink with a subtle glowy finish. It's a sheer blush that is not super colorful, but it has good color payoff considering that what you see in the pan, is what you get on your skin. It will be great for fair skin tones, or if you prefer a subtle blush : There's no way you'll end up looking like a clown!

As you can see on the pic below, this color is quite subtle on me (NC35 at the moment) and I need to be careful not to apply too much because it can look a bit ashy. I do think it looks best on lighter skin tones, and I highly doubt that it will look good on darker complexions than mine. It did work great on my golden-olive skin though, which is a nice surprise since pink blushes can easily look too cool toned on me.

The texture is silky and extremely fine. It has a satin finish that is slightly more glowy than a matte blush, but not sparkly or glittery at all. This means that it will not accentuate pores or acne scars!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the staying power, it lasted all day without fading (9 hours)!

I love to wear Rose Ballerine with a smokey eye, it's the perfect pale pink that never look too bright no matter how much you apply! The texture is super silky and although it is on the pricey side, you get a pretty good amount of product. 

The Lancôme Blush Highlighter in Rose Ballerine retail for $52 CDN for 8g and it's a limited edition.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. beautiful blush, but $52? *runs away screaming*

  2. sooo beautiful, what's on your lips?

    1. It's MAC Freckletone and Angel lipsticks! :)

  3. Hello from the US....I am in love with the blush and it is NOT available here, but please tell me what is on your lips...gorgeous.

    1. Aww really?? I wonder why it's only available in Canada. On my lips, I'm wearing MAC Freckletone and Angel lipsticks!

  4. which foundation are you wearing it looks flawless :)


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