May 6, 2014

Pupa 4Sun #01 Multi-Effect Compact Bronzing Powder

I love bronzing powders, but finding the perfect shade can be tricky. You know how your skin has a sun-kissed glow after spending the day on the beach? Well this is it ; a day on the beach, in a bronzing powder!

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This bronzing powder isn't shimmery but it's not completely matte either, it has a slight glowy finish. It's barely noticeable, absolutely not glittery (not even frosty, just a glow) but it helps to make it look more natural. The lightest shade is more luminous than the others colors but it's not over the top. All shades blends beautifully but be careful with the darker brown, it is much more pigmented and the texture is softer, so it's easy to apply too much!

One thing that surprised me, because I wasn't expecting that at all, was the scent. To me, it smell sweet, kind of like cocoa and caramel. I like it, but if you aren't a fan of sweet scents, you've been warned!

I love the 2 light shades blended together, especially on fair skin. It's a light pinky brown with a luminous finish and it gives a beautiful sun-kissed effect that never looks muddy or orangey!! Don't be scared of the luminous finish, it's not shimmery at all, it just looks like a healthy glow.

The 2 dark browns will looks best on darker skin tones, they were a bit too peachy for me. They aren't orangey, but they have a warm undertone.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is less warm toned than the 2 darker browns of the Pupa bronzing powder . MAC Lush-Light Bronze is more peachy-brown and less luminous than the 2 light shades blended together.

I think this is a pretty cool bronzing powder because you can adjust the shade to your needs and I love the soft glow! This is the first time I try a product from this brand and I definitely want to learn more about their cosmetics!

The Pupa 4Sun Multi-Effect Compact Bronzing Powder retail for $29 CDN for 14g.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.) 

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  1. I love bronzers! need to try this one!


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