August 18, 2014

Clarins Pro Eyebrow Palette Kit (Ladylike Collection)

I've always struggled with my brows ; I over-plucked them when I was younger and they have never grown back like they used to be. I love full and perfectly groomed brows though, so I'm always looking for the perfect products to fill in my brows. When I saw this new Clarins Pro Eyebrow Palette Kit from the Ladylike collection, I had to give it a try!

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This kit contains 3 eyebrow powders (they can be used as eye shadows too), a brow wax, a light pinky beige eye shadow, a spooley brush, mini tweezers, and a double-ended applicator.

At first glance, it doesn't seems like you get a lot of product for the price (the eyebrow powders looks very small) but each pan contain 0.6g of product so you get 1.8g of eyebrow powder. There's also 1.2g of wax and the eyeshadow is 2.2g. So overall, you do get quite a lot of product!

I've never used a brow wax before, I love how it seems to add texture to my brows! It helps to hold the brows in place too, but the hold isn't as strong as a brow gel. The eyebrow powders are great, they are kind of sheer but buildable, that's a good thing if you want natural-looking brows.

Left to right : Light pinky beige eye shadow. Blond, Brown and Black eyebrow powders.

For the pic below, I used the light pinky beige eye shadow all over the lid and to highlight the browbone. I also applied the brown powder in the crease. I used all the eyebrow powders for my brows : brown at the front part of the brow and black everywhere else, and a mixture of the wax and the black powder to get a darker color and define the tail of my brows. I did use some concealer to define my brows furthermore, I just can't bring myself to skip this step.

I think you can see the results much better when the pic is smaller because you wouldn't normally see my brows with a magnifying glass, but feel free to click on the pic to see a close-up!

Please note that my brows are VERY sparse, so if your brows are thicker than mine you'll get a much more natural-looking result with this kit.

Here's a little trick that I discovered while playing with this kit. If your brows are very sparse like mine and these powders aren't dark or pigmented enough for you, you can dab you brush in the wax first and then in the powder, and apply this mixture on your brows!

I love this kit! It would have been perfect if the brush handles weren't so small (it would be easier to hold them), but it's still a good kit to use everyday or to carry around in your purse in case you might need to touch up your brows! 

The Clarins Pro Eyebrow Palette Kit retail for $37 CDN.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)

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