November 18, 2014

Yves Rocher Holiday 2014 Collections (Redberries, Blackberries, Cocoa & Orange)

Two weeks ago I wrote a review for the new Yves Rocher Pear Caramel collection, but did you know that there is 3 more limited edition Holiday collections? If you love fruity and sweet scents, these are for you!

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Oh how I love Blackberries, I wish there was an eau de toilette with this collection! To me, Blackberries doesn't smell like Yves Rocher's Wild Blackberry range. Blackberries smells more yummy, it has a touch of creamy vanilla. (I love both though)

Blackberries Hand Cream ($4 CAD for 75ml)
I love that it doesn't take forever to sink into the skin, yet it's not too light either. It's not the most moisturizing hand cream on the market, but it's a good product to use daily if you don't like greasy hand creams. Even the boyfriend loved it!

Blackberries Silky Body Cream ($9 CAD for 150ml)
This body cream smells a-ma-zing and the thick and creamy texture is lovely. It's very moisturizing so it can feel a tad greasy, but not too much either. My skin is silky soft when I use this and the scent last all day (more than 12 hours) which is very surprising for a body cream. However, sometimes my skin can be sensitive to fragrance and I think this body cream is a tad too perfumey for me because my skin is a bit itchy during a few minutes.

Blackberries Exfoliating Shower Gel ($9 CAD for 200ml)
I already wrote a review about the exfoliating shower gels, so please click here to read my thoughts about this product!

Blackberries Sparkling Body Powder ($14 CAD for 10g)
This body powder is fun to use and the puff is super soft and cute. It looks like a pale violet powder in the container, but it doesn't add a tint on skin. It's very shimmery though! If you like to add a touch of shimmer on your body for a special event and want to smell irresistible, you'll love this powder. I would have prefered a powder without any sparkles in it though, but that's just me.

Blackberries Scented Candle ($9 CAD for 100g)
Who knew Yves Rocher's candles were THAT good? I love the Blackberries candle, my whole house smells like tart blackberries with a touch of vanilla. I will buy more of these candles (Pear Caramel is so good too) if they are on sale after Christmas.

I don't like orange flavored chocolate so it's no surprise that I'm not a huge fan of the Cocoa & Orange range. But hey, if you like it who am I to judge? It does smell exactly like Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Cocoa & Orange Liquid Hand Soap ($5 CAD for 200ml) 
This hand soap has a nice thick and rich lather, but doesn't dry out my skin. It seems to leave a moisturizing film on the hands which is always nice for an hand soap. But I'm still not loving the scent.

Cocoa & Orange Hand Cream ($4 CAD for 75ml)
Ok so I'm already not a fan of the scent, you know that now. But the hand cream also do something really weird on me, after a few minutes it smells like cocoa, orange and... play doh. I'll stick to the Redberries and Blackberries hand creams, thank you. lol

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I love anything that smells like raspberries, so Redberries is right up my alley! It smells so good, like fresh and tart raspberries!

Redberries Shower Gel ($4 CAD for 200ml)
Am I the only one who always have a bit of difficulty with the packaging, sometimes I almost cut myself while trying to open it! I noticed the same thing with the limited edition shower gel that came out in the summer collection, but I thought it was just this one. Enough rambling, it doesn't really matter anyway, does it? The shower gel itself is great ; it lathers well, smells good and it won't break your bank. But I have to admit that now that I tried Yves Rocher's Pear Caramel Shower Cream, I kind of have a soft spot for their Shower Creams, my dry skin seems to prefer this creamy formula!

Redberries Hand Cream ($4 CAD for 75ml)
This hand cream smells so good and the scent doesn't morph after a few minutes, unlike the Cocoa & Orange hand cream. The texture and moisturizing properties are the same than for the Redberries and the Cocoa & Orange hand creams. Love it!

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. Oh my god, the colours in this collection. *.* These look amazing together!

    I'll be keeping an eye out for those candles ;)

  2. Oh yay! I enjoy Yves Rocher's holiday collections, so I'm excited that there is a blackberry this year. I also don't like the coco orange scent, but someone in my family keeps buying it for me. :/

    1. Oh lol, she or he must think that you really loved it the first time you got it! :P


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