January 17, 2017

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation

Formulated without parabens and talc, TheBalm's new Photobalm powder foundation is said to offer buildable coverage and is ideal for all skin types. This foundation comes in 8 shades and will be launching later this month!

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TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Photos Swatches Before After Lighter Than Light Medium MAC Equivalents

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Photos

The Photobalm powder foundation is available in 8 shades, I have the 4 lightest shades to show you.

Lighter Than Light has neutral undertones and is similar to N10.
Light is the equivalent of NW15, it has neutral-cool undertones.
Light/Medium is slightly lighter than N25, this color has neutral-cool undertones.
Medium is similar to N25, it has neutral-warm undertones.

There isn't a huge difference between Light/Medium and Medium, but Medium is slightly darker and warmer. I know that all the shades look similar on my skin, but I swear there's a difference between each shade!

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Lighter Than Light Medium N10 NW15 N25

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Swatches Lighter Than Light Medium

Powder foundations aren't the best choice for those with dry skin, and this one is no exception despite the fact that it's supposed to be suitable for all skin types. I wore this foundation for 4 days in a row and it made my skin feel a bit tight on the fourth day.

For your information, my skin is super oily but a bit dehydrated in the colder months.

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Ingredients

It's a light coverage, but you can build it up to medium. The formula is easy to blend and you can apply more product where you need more coverage. (Scroll down to see my before and after!)

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Photos Medium

The lasting power is impressive, it doesn't settle into my smile lines and it keeps my skin shine free for about 5 hours!

It doesn't separate either, even without a primer and setting spray.

The Balm Photobalm Powder Foundations Review Photos Lighter Than Light Medium

The finish is super matte though, and powder foundations tend to accentuate dry patches. I almost always fix my makeup with a setting spray, and it's particularly important with a powder foundation!

TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation Swatches Before After Medium

Can you see the difference with the setting spray? (I used Skindinavia, by the way)

To be honest I think this foundation doesn't look good on its own, but I love it with a light mist of setting spray. It looks like my skin but better!

The Balm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Before After

TheBalm's Photobalm foundation doesn't claim to be mattifying, but I've never tested a powder foundation with such great mattifying properties! Other powder foundations (like MAC Studio Fix Powder) aren't even half as good as this one for controlling the oils.

I will stop using it for now because my skin is too dehydrated for a powder foundation, but it sure will come handy next summer!

The Balm Photobalm Powder Foundation Review Photos

The TheBalm Photobalm Powder Foundation retail for $26 US for 9g and is available at Look Fantastic.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. I love these! Great review. I will have to keep an eye out for them.

  2. I wear MAC N20, should I get light or light/medium ?

    1. Light, you can always add a bit of bronzer if it's too light.

  3. i wear mac nc 35, which shade should i choose?

    1. Unfortunately I only have the 4 lightest shades, and all of them are lighter than NC35. :/

  4. Hi! Could you please tell me how light is the shade "Light"? Will it suit for very light skin with neutral-cool undertones? Is it lighter on skin than in the photo? Even though my skin is very fair (but not like redhead's), I don't want to buy "Lighter Than Light" shade because I don't like its packaging :) and intend to use the shade "Light" over mineral sunscreen that is a bit whitish. I hope "Light" will not be too dark for my fair skin. What do you think?

    1. Hi!

      Yes it's quite light, similar to NW15 if you are familiar with MAC foundation shades! It has neutral cool undertones too.

    2. Thanks, Kristelle! :)


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