April 15, 2017

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks

Have you ever tried an eye mask? They are great for an instant pick-me-up! Well, today I'm reviewing the Rodial Dragon's Blood eye masks. They contain hyaluronic acid and dragon's blood complex to intensely hydrate the eye area, and arnica extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

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Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Gel Masks Review

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Gel Boio Cellulose Masks Review

The masks are made of bio-cellulose, a very supple and thin material. It's quite a strong material though, so it doesn't tear up easily. It feels great on the skin and stays in place without sliding down my face. In fact, I like to use them while I'm blow drying my hair!

After applying the masks, there is so much left over in the packet that I can use the extras on my face and neck.

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Mask Ingredients

They do a great job at hydrating my under eye area, and I noticed that my fine lines are less noticeable! I like the cooling effect too, which helps to minimize puffiness. The effects are only temporary though, and last less than 24 hours.

I wouldn't use them on a daily basis because they aren't cheap, although less expensive than Sephora's eye masks (surprisingly enough). But they are great to have on hand for a special event!

Rodial Dragon Blood Eye Masks Review Arnica Hyaluronic Acid

The Rodial Dragon's Blood eye masks retail for $39 CAD for 8 sachets and are available at Ulta, Nordstrom, Skin Care Rx, Bloomingdale's, Beautyboutique.ca and rodial.co.uk.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. Ah, I've been so tempted by these! Great that you're loving them and that you find them so cooling and hydrating :)


  2. OMG. You are so right I can put these on while I blow dry my ridiculously long hair!! Efficiency!


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