January 15, 2018

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Collection

A few months ago, Biotherm launched their new Skin Oxygen collection! Enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract (the breathing algae), the anti-pollution skincare routine has been formulated to detoxify and strengthen the skin. The results? Radiant and purified skin!

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Biotherm Skin Oxygen Review Depolluting Oxygenating Strengthening

I've been testing this new skincare range for more than 3 weeks now, and I find that my skin looks more awake! By the way, my skin is oily and acne prone, but very dehydrated too.

Overall, I would say that it's a good basic routine! The products are effective for thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the skin. However, you will need additional products to complete your skincare regimen if you also want to prevent wrinkles and/or breakouts.

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser Review

My favorite product in the range is the Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser ($26 CAD for 150ml)! It lathers really well, so a small amount of product is sufficient.

Biotherm recommends to massage the gel on dry skin, then lather with water and rinse. It can be applied on wet skin too, but I find that it's more effective on dry skin to remove all traces of makeup.

It removes all my makeup (except waterproof mascara, but for that you'll need a good oil-based makeup remover), smells great, and leaves the skin soft and clean. I love it!

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion Review

Another product that I liked is the Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion ($26 CAD for 200ml). I use it only once a day (in the evening), otherwise it can dry out my skin. It's great for removing impurities or traces of makeup that can be left over after cleansing, but I must say that the Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser is already quite effective on its own!

I liked the texture of this product! The lotion doesn't leave a greasy or sticky film on the skin, as it's sometimes the case with toners. The feeling of freshness is very pleasant! Also, the Oxygenating Lotion contains salicylic acid, which is my favorite ingredient for acne-prone skin.

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel Review

Formulated with spirulina and astaxanthin, the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel ($60 CAD for 50ml) is supposed to hydrate intensively, reduce sebum production and strengthen the skin barrier.

I liked the cooling sensation of menthol, but it's not my favorite moisturizer from Biotherm. It leaves a sticky film on my skin, and it makes my skin more oily than usual. I prefer their Aquasource Everplump Moisturizing Treatment!

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate Antioxidant Serum Review

I loved the texture of the Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate Antioxidant Serum ($58 CAD for 30ml), it's very light on the skin and isn't sticky or oily! It's perfect for oily skin that doesn't need a ton of moisture.

In the morning I use it alone under my makeup, but in the evening I add the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel on the areas where I have dry patches.

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Collection Review

Biotherm's Skin Oxygen range is available at Sephora, Hudson's Bay and Biotherm.ca.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)

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