November 28, 2013

Nars Sin Blush

Nars blushes always had a special place in my heart, they are well pigmented and blend well into the skin to give the most gorgeous natural flush you can get. I own a couple of them, but I have so many products to test that I forgot about my beautiful Nars blushes. Last week I digged into my makeup stash and found my beloved Sin, I forgot how much I love this one!

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Sin is described as a berry tone with gold shimmer. This shade is translucent but well pigmented, which means that fair skintones can wear it but you can also build up the colour easily, all you need is a good fluffy brush (not too dense). The gold shimmer is quite abundant, although you can't really see it in my pics (sorry!). If you don't like shimmers, stay away from this one. But it's not over the top though, no glitters there.

For the picture below, I applied many layers so you could see the colour, I don't normally wear that much blush. Sin looks warmer on me because of my golden skintone (NC37 at the moment).

The texture is soft so you can just dab your brush on the surface, unlike some of the *ahem* MAC blushes I own, which are so hard that you need to rub your brush on them to get any colour. Don't get me wrong, I love my MAC blushes too, but the Nars formula is always perfect and never too hard.

However, they have one big flaw that I can't stand : the packaging. It's made of rubber material, which look pretty and all, but disintegrate over time and get dirty really easily. 

Sin is a gorgeous colour that will flatter most skintone, it works on me when I'm a NC15 or a NC37, and all shades in between!

The Nars Sin Blush retail for $32 CDN for 4.8g.


  1. Sin is a beautiful blush, but this shade is not for me because I have freckles on my cheeks :( What lipstick are you wearing in the third picture? Thank you:)

    1. Oh.. plum blushes doesn't look good with freckles? I know nothing about freckles, I wish I had some though. On my lips, I'm wearing MAC Angel lipstick!

    2. I think that Sin looks really purple on me :/ I have freckles all over my face, they are more visible in summer than now in winter. I do not mind freckles at all, but I feel more comfortable with peachy-pink blushes on my cheeks. But I really love Sin and how it looks on the skin. My sister was asking about the lipstick, so I am going to tell her. Thank you very much :)

    3. Oh I see, well at least there are tons of beautiful peachy pink blushes out there! :) You're welcome for the lipstick!


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