December 24, 2013

Bourjois Blush Exclusif and Rose Exclusif Lipgloss

You've probably already seen that kind of lipglosses that adjust to your skin pH to give you an unique shade of pink? Well, Bourjois came out with 2 products using that technology, a blush and a lipgloss, and I tested them for you!

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Blush Exclusif
This blush is special, it looks like a very pale pink before you use it for the first time, but it turn into a bright pink on the skin! The color will also change overtime in its pot, but it's perfectly normal (mine is very bright now!). It's a very bright pink that is quite well pigmented, so you might want to go easy on the application. I love this color, it gives a beautiful healthy and fresh look to the skin.

The texture is exactly like the others Bourjois Cream Blushes, it's a cream to powder formula that blends easily on the skin and never feel greasy. It's not dewy, doesn't contain shimmer, but it's not too powdery either. Oh and the staying powder is great, it lasts all day!

Rose Exclusif Lipgloss
Using the same technology than the blush, this gloss self-adjust into a personnalised pink when applied, thanks to its pH-reactive pigments. Ok, I'm not sure how much of a difference there might be for each person, but I love the colour on me, a fresh translucent pink. I was surprised that it lasted a good 3 hours, lipglosses usually wear off in less than 2 hours on me. It also leaves a pink stain on the lips.

The finish is very glossy, which gives an illusion of plumpy lips, and it smell SO good (cotton candy?)! However, I didn't like the texture, it's too sticky for my taste. It's one of the reasons why I rarely wear lipglosses, I just can't stand the feeling when it's tacky. It's a shame because I really love the shade on me!

I love the colour of both products, they give a fresh look that just scream 'Spring' to me! I just wish that the gloss was less sticky, but I'm very picky about that and I'm the kind of girl that usually stay away from lipglosses.

The Bourjois Blush Exclusif retail for $20 CDN for 2.5g and the Rose Exclusif Lipgloss retail for $20 CDN for 7.5ml.

(I received these products in order to evaluate them and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)

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