December 30, 2013

Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tan Liquid

It might be snowing outside, but that doesn't mean that I don't want a summer golden glow! I did try to embrace my pale skin during the cold winter months, but I've been so tired during the past few weeks that I needed this to look alive! Anyway, I had the chance to try the new Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tan Liquid, which uses a higher percentage of tanning agents than the original Flawless formula. I've been using it since the past few weeks and I'm blown away by that product!

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This self tanner dries so fast that I can get dressed in less than 5 minutes! This is very important for me because I hate waiting hours for my self tanner to dry, and some of them are so greasy that I can still feel the stickiness on my skin the morning after. Eww! Flawless Darker dries quicker than all the others self tanners I tried, even Fake Bake 60 Minutes wasn't light like this one. It has a lovely coconut scent and the after tan smell is faint and wash off easily anyway.

The dark cosmetic color guide make it easier to apply. I like to apply my self tanner just before I go to bed. This give my tan all night to develop, and when I wake up in the morning I just wash off the color guide.

The color is even, it doesn't turn orangey at all (even on the knuckles and elbows), and it fades evenly without being patchy. I also applied this to my face and it didn't clog my pores or break me out. The tan lasts 5 days, and is completely gone after 7 days (it may be different on you).

Here's the result after washing off the color guide, 10 hours later :

Remember, exfoliating your skin before applying any self tanner is very important. And make sure that you exfoliate again when the time comes to re-do your self-tan! If you need to shave, do it before your self-tan session too. During the winter months, or if you have dry skin all year round, it would be wise to moisturize your skin daily to prevent your tan from going patchy.

Fake Bake Flawless Darker or St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse?

I have a bottle of the original Flawless self-tanner, but I still haven't tried it so I can't compare them. However, St. Tropez came out with a Dark version of their original bronzing mousse too, and I applied both on half of my body to be able to tell you which is the best! Both products give a similar result, and while St Tropez might be slightly darker, it's also a touch more yellow so it looks less natural. They both last 5 days on me, but Fake Bake dry a lot faster and isn't sticky like the St. Tropez mousse. So overall, Fake Bake gets my vote, and hey, it's cheaper too!

I used this self tanner 4 times so far, and my tan turned out perfect every single time! Flawless Darker is now my favorite self tanner ever!

The Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tan Liquid retail for $30 CDN for 170ml. It will be available soon in Canada.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial.)


  1. I do two coats of this and the colour is great! I dont really like the spray application but my husband said this was the most natural tan I'd tried. And I'd recently tried st tropez dark, and express. So i keep this one for my upper body.

    1. Wait what, St Tropez Express? Is it a new product?

  2. I love this stuff. The scent is great, and I really like the mitt. I don't have streaks and the color looks real.

  3. is the new fake bake 60 min spray as dark as fake bake "darker" or is the darker spray the darkest they have?

    1. Both were similar on me, but I prefer Flawless Darker's lightweight formula!


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