October 13, 2018

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette

Earlier this month I reviewed TheBalm's new Alternative Rock Palette Vol. 1, but did you know that there is another palette with warm tones? The Alternative Rock Face Palette Vol. 2 contains 9 powders : six eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush and a luminizer.

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TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette Review Photos Swatches

The shades Don't Give A Schist and As Xenon TV have a beautiful sparkly finish, the glitters are very small so they are less prone to fallouts. The formula is great, they are creamy and less gritty than other glitter eyeshadows on the market.

There's another sparkly eyeshadow in this palette (Sodium Fine), but the finish is very different. This brown is matte with multicolored micro glitters. The glitters aren't very visible on the skin, even if I apply the eyeshadow with my fingers and use a primer. I wish it was sparkly and frosty like Don't Give A Schist and As Xenon TV!

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol 2 Face Palette Review

The two matte eyeshadows (Let Me Zinc About It and Amirite?) are very silky smooth! I think it's a new formula because TheBalm's matte eyeshadows are usually drier to the touch. The light peachy beige is barely noticeable on me (it's the same color as my skin), but Amirite? blends out beautifully and doesn't look patchy. In fact, none of these shades look patchy on my eyelids!

At first glance, The Parents Argon looks like your typical matte black. But it's a very pigmented charcoal black with a satin finish, it almost looks wet on the skin! The formula is very creamy and blends out like a dream.

All of the shades have great color payoff if I apply them over an eyeshadow primer!

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette

The shade Nicked Buy You Dinner is everything I want in a highlighter! The formula is very creamy, the finish is frosty without any glitter, and the color is light enough for pale complexions. By the way, the color is very similar to their Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. There's no wonder why I love it so much!

I love the bronzer (None Of Your Bismuth), although it's not my favorite TheBalm bronzing powder. The color is similar to TheBalm's Bahama Mama, but slightly warmer so I tend to prefer Bahama Mama. It's a warm brown but it doesn't look super orange on my fair skin. The color payoff is great and I can use it when I have a tan too!

As for the blush (Bare Minium), the formula is very pigmented and silky smooth. It doesn't look patchy on the skin and it lasts all day on me (more than 12 hours)!

These three shades can be used on the eyes too. The bronzer and the blush blend out beautifully, while the highlighter is gorgeous on the inner corner of the eyes!

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette Swatches Eyeshadows

Let Me Zinc About It is a light peachy beige with a matte finish.

Don't Give A Schist is a pale gold with a sparkly metallic finish.

Sodium Fine is a neutral brown with a sparkly matte finish.

Amirite? is a caramel brown with a matte finish.

As Xenon TV is a coppery bronze with a sparkly metallic finish.

The Parents Argon is a charcoal black with a satin finish.

TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette Swatches Bronzer Blush Highlighter

None Of Your Bismuth is a warm golden brown with a matte finish.

Bare Minium is a pinky rusty peach with a satin finish.

Nickel Buy You Dinner is a light golden ivory with a frosty finish.

The Balm Alternative Rock Volume 2 Face Palette Review

The TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Face Palette retails for $27.50 US for 12g and is available at Beauty Bay and thebalm.com.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. This would be a great for someone starting out with make up or someone looking for a great pallet to travel with. The shades are so pretty and look like you can do any sort of look using everything in the pallet. This was a great post thanks for sharing I'll have to keep my eye out for it.

    1. You're right, this would be perfect to travel with!

  2. I love your photos! They are so gorgeous. This palette looks so nice and I love the names of the shadows!



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