July 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Makeup Trend : Orange Lips

You're probably sick of seeing orange lipsticks everywhere, but I simply couldn't resist sharing with you my favorite orange lipsticks! I loooove orange lips and it's the hottest trend this season! I think you'll be able to find one you like in my top 5, whether you prefer bright or subtle shades, dark or light colors, matte or creamy finishes!

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MAC Neon Orange ($19 CDN)
Creamy finish - Bright orange
Neon Orange is a super bright orange with yellow undertones, definitely not for the faint of heart!

NYX Indie Flick ($9 CDN)
Matte finish - Bright orange
This is my favorite because it's the perfect bright orange, the finish is matte without being too drying.

MAC Sushi Kiss ($19 CDN)
Creamy finish - Light peachy orange, slightly coral
If you prefer light colors or you are afraid to wear a bright orange lipstick, this peachy shade will be right up your alley!

Dose of Colors Karma ($16 US)
Creamy finish - Orange, slightly coral
I love the touch of coral in this shade and it's a bit lighter than the others shades, so it looks amazing with a tan!

Nars Heat Wave ($30 CDN)*
Matte finish - Red-orange
You'll love this one if you are a red lipstick kind of girl, it will be easier to wear than a bright orange lipstick!

*If you can't afford Nars lipsticks, MAC Dangerous is a good dupe for Nars Heat Wave.

MAC Neon Orange, Dose Of Colors Karma and NYX Indie Flick are similar but they aren't exactly the same color. It depends of what kind of orange you want: MAC Neon Orange has more yellow undertones, Dose of Colors Karma is a bit lighter and has a touch of coral, and NYX Indie Flick is a bit darker than the other two shades and has more red undertones. NARS Heat Wave almost look like a pure red, right? But it's an illusion when you swatch it next to a lighter orange lipstick (when I compare it to a true red like MAC RiRi Woo, you can see the orange undertones!).


  1. Très belle sélection! J'adore les tons orangés et rouge sur les lèvres!

  2. I just love your photos and swatches. Amazing! I find Sushi Kiss so difficult to wear but it looks great on you x


    1. Thank you! Oh really? Probably your skin tone.. orange lips can be tricky.


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